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Although I do really enjoy watching this show, I question how many seasons it can run for.There has been so much drama in the first season that it could turn completely unbelievable if they try to maintain that level. If your looking for a family drama that will keep you coming back for more and also invest in the characters then this is perfect for you.To me this would make a great, long series that has a lot of heart!

The show is still young and there is room for it to grow and expand, so if you are going to start this show, I suppose you should try to stick it through until you're sure it's not for you, or is.

Their lives are super crazy and filled with lots of baggage. I started watching this show, without know what it is about, or even the genre.

The first minutes caught me, but suddenly everything seemed to fall apart, the acting faint, the story became predictable, the script stopped developing, all in name of a declared ideological message.

As the world becomes more tolerant and accepting, the definition of "family" has changed substantially.

It's nice to see a diverse cast of characters that blend in nicely together.

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