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In my research program I aim to advance theoretical frameworks and conceptual understandings on how to develop policy and planning practices that foster better interactions between human and natural systems.

To date, my research has focused on five main areas: substantively: 1) natural hazards mitigation and climate change adaptation; 2) compassionate planning; procedurally: 3) planning processes and implementation; and methodologically: 4) planning evaluation and 5) network analysis.

Most NBA deals concern far more than just those players directly involved.

I have participated in the Diversity Scholars Program and help generate a Self Assessment tool for supporting inclusive learning.

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The Jazz have reportedly agreed to trade Trey Lyles and the No. If the Jazz were to trade Favors (acting on long-floating interest and rumor around the league) for anything but another big, Lyles seemed a possible candidate to slide into his starting spot.

Lydon has some game: a little range, a little touch, and the instincts to seek out comfortable spots on the floor.

One can see what the Nuggets might like in Lydon, though why his (and Lyles’) archetype would be such a clear target isn’t immediately clear. Adding two players so similar offsets some of the risk involved but is also inherently counterproductive.

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