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I heard the front door open and turned around to see my wife, Anne, come bustling into the living room behind me, carrying a bunch of shopping bags. I thought you were just going to pick up a new bathing suit,” I laughed.Anne’s normally pale complexion was bright and rosy and her cheeks were flushed with excitement. “Well, I bumped into these two fellows, Jerry and Roger in the line at Starbucks and we struck up a conversation and we just sort of hit it off.” Anne gave me a wicked smile that filled me with foreboding.Welcome to the Cybelians website, online presence of the Cybelian Organisation.We are a movement promoting gynocracy and female-led relationships.Many enjoy cannibalism, necrophilia and keep trophy-like body parts as mementos of their work. Sometimes they like to return to grave sites and crime scenes to fantasize about previous kills.Many killers like to insert themselves in the investigations of their crimes and some like to taunt the police with letters or carefully placed pieces of evidence at the crime scene.

Once she had her i Phone out, she shooed me from the room with it as she pulled up her best friend Janet’s contact info..

Cybelian women can cuckold their husbands with as many other men as they wish.

On this website you will find details of all aspects of Cybelianism.

Their killings are usually part of an elaborate sexual fantasy that builds to a climax at the moment of their murderous outburst.

Serial killers generally murder strangers with cooling off periods between each crime.

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