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I thought that the skull-shaped soul during the Baba Yaga arc cleared up the whole issue of whether Kid is half- anything. Now we have a new view on it - they're the same kind of being.

Anyone else thinking this is what Shinigami was referring to when he claimed he didn't think Asura was 'human' to begin with?

Does Soul still even have his sharp teeth, white hair and red eyes? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Madness Kid Madness Blackstar. I have no idea who this might be based on what we've seen so far, but going by this and other recent developments there's nothing to say there is or will be any foreshadowing.

And how the hell does he expect to fight in that dress. I also wonder if this might be figurative, as the black thing also mentions order in his description of the 'rulers', and we know how Kid is with that.

If Medusa finds out about this she's gonna lol so hard. Recalling that colour page that had Kishin eyes on Liz and Patti, I think the madness (like the black blood, like the Nakatsukasa Purpose) will stay with Kid rather than him being able to reject it completely.

After all he doesn't do much more that becoming a scythe anyway. Since she's/he's in cat form we can't even tell the difference. One of the few reminders that Soul Eater is tagged with 'ecchi' despite the fact it hardly has any... What's to say he will go to chaos rather than an excessive version of his own idea of order?

Somebody's speculation in the livejournal summary thread was pretty compelling to me, that the last Former Ruler is Excalibur (he would seem to fit 'Power'), but the fact that Ashura and Shinigami are supposedly the only two left for Noah to 'collect' seems to rule that out.

None of the other characters I can think of seems to have that sort of 'legendary' status though.

As for the Index being one of them, I agree on the resemblance with the monkey/thing in that picture but I think he looks more like a familiar to that tall guy there than an actual full-fledged 'Former Ruler'.

Also, the most fitting insanity for him, 'Knowledge', is already taken up in my mind by Eibon.

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Hey guys, it seems that there are spoilers out for ch. You can check them out here, if you don't mind spoilers: seriously cannot wait for this chapter. D: So, people like genderbending that much that he goes and uses it? Oh, and no wonder Kid couldn't stand the state of the Book of Eibon with that daft kind of categorisation. Give him chaotic madness to deal with and he's screwed..suggestion from that summary that he even put up a fight. When he gets things right, 'we all know' it looks awesome. I didn't quite like the genderbending as much, as I thought I would. But other than Black Star, who hardly changed at all. And I can't wait to see the effects of the other 'sins'/'chapters' on the main characters.

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